Episode Guide

Although episodes have a core focus they naturally cover much ground and don’t remain excessively siloed for the simple reason that life and business aren’t siloed but cover many aspects simultaneously, Each episode has detailed show notes about the specific details discussed.

However as broad groupings I have indexed episodes by main focus – the triangle of Entrepreneurialism,  Financial Services and Technology – and above that forming the top of a pyramid the complex two-way interaction between Finance and Society as a whole.

In terms of this pyramid, at the base Finance itself is a social construct whose form has varied widely over space and time – but if it is created by society it also has a great influence on that society. Even more fundamentally the driver of human evolution has been technological evolution and this once again feeds back into society which has always been changed enormously by technological shifts in countless ways – a process playing out right now on steroids. Equally merchants and entrepreneurs have created roughly everything that humans need and use in their lifetimes across most societies (with the exception of centrally planned states, nationalised industries and so forth). Thus their role and their success is essential to a successful society but the chance of this occurring is of course massively influences by the standards, laws, regulations and culture of that society. Thus we have a separate category at the top of the pyramid which reflects these complex interactions and feedbacks. Put more simply all businesses regardless of sector operate within a society. Increasingly in the western world that is an ever-more controlled society.

And finally for completeness of indexing: