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AboundAccenture, ACI Worldwide, Advanced Payment Solutions, Afaafa, Aire, Alipay, Allica Bank, AltFi Data (AltFin), AltFi Data (Equity), AltFi News, Apexx Global, Archover, Augmentum, Aviva, AxiaFunderAzurBalderton Capital, Banked, Barclaycard, Behavioral SignalsBlue Motor Finance (2016), Blue Motor Finance (2019), Bond MasonBought By Many (2015), Bought By Many (2018), Bound, Brian Basham, Capital.ComCapitalRise (2017), CapitalRise (2021), CEC Capital, ChAI (2019), ChAI (2023), Cellpoint Digital, Chargebacks911, City Falcon (2016), CityFalcon (2019), Clarus Investments (2018), Clarus Investments (2019), Clausematch, ClearBank (2017), ClearBank (2021), CloudMargin, ComplyAdvantage, Connectd, Consult Hyperion, Coupay, Credit Kudos, CUBE, Crosslake TechnologiesCrossLend, CrowdProperty, Currency Cloud (2015), Currency Cloud (2021)Cuvva, David Stevenson Inc, Dawn Capital, Digital Horizon, Digital Partners, Direct Line, Draper Esprit, Ecospend, Elliptic, Emerging Payments Association, Enkash, Farewill, Financial News, Finimize, FIS, FloodFlash, Flowcap, Forward Partners, Fox Williams, FreetradeFunding Circle, Funding Options (2015), Funding Options (2017), Galileo Technologies, Glint, GoCardless, GoHenry, Goji (2016), Goji (2023), GLI Finance, Global Ventures, GPS, Growth Street, Growth Gorilla, Ignitr, Illuminate FinancialINGInstitute for New Economic Thinking, Integrated Finance, Intelligent Partnership, InvestGlass, iwoca, Iwocapay, Jeeves, Professor John Kay, Kantox, Kickstart Innovation, Kwanji, Laka (2016), Laka (2020), Landbay (2015), Landbay (2018), Landbay (2020), Lend Academy, Lendinvest (2014), Lendinvest (2018)Lendit Conference, LiiV Group, Liberum, LFP001, LFP100 Special – Social Engineering hits Fintech BoardsLFP200 The Philosophy of Technology & Technique & their Existential Impact on People, Society and Civilisation w/Oswald Spengler & Jacques Ellul, LFP152 (Covid et al), LFP 2015 New Year Special, LFP 2016 New Year Special, LFP 2017 Awards & 2016 Highlights, LFP 2018 New Year Special, LFP 2019 New Year Special, LFP 2020 New Year Special – A Decade of Fintech), LFP 2021 New Year Special), LFP 2022 New Year Special, LFP 2023 New Year Special, LMAX Exchange, maneco64 (2022), maneco42 (2023), maneco64 (2023#2), MarketInvoice (2015), MarketInvoice (2018)Matchi.biz, Metro BankMidpoint, Mike Nulty Inc, MoneseMonzo, Munich Re, Naktergal, Nationwide, nChain, NeosNew Finance, NextWave Consulting, Nigel Verdon, Nucleus Commercial Finance, OKR Financial, Orca Money, OTB Ventures, Patrick Dunne, Sir Paul Tucker, Payability, Payhawk, Pension Bee, Piggyvest, Pismo, Platform Black, Plaid, Positive Money, Primadollar, Prime Revenue, PrivitarPwC (InsureTech), PwC (Challenger Banks), QED Investors (early stage VC investing), QED Investors (Africa), Omid Malekan, QuantexaR5FX (FX innovating), R5FX (Scaling-up), Ratesetter (P2P), Ratesetter (Provision Funds), Railsbank, Railsbank (qua Kalifa Report), Realpolitik of Unlisted Company Board, Reputation Transfer, Resistant.AI, Revolut, Richard Hargreaves, Ripjar, Ripple, RNWL, Royal Park Partners, Runa Capital, Santa Monica Talent, SapientRazorfishScalable CapitalSeedrs (2015), Seedrs (2019), SEON, Signicat, Silicon Valley Bank, Smart Pension (2016), Smart Pension (2019), Smart US, Spectrum Markets, Squirrel, Stable, Startupbootcamp, Stocard, Supply@Me Capital, Syndicate Room, Synechron, Tandem Bank, Target Global, The City Of London, The Up Group, Thimble, Thought MachineTickr, Trade River, Tradeshift, Tradeteq, TransferGo, Trulience, Trussle, Tulipshare, Underpinned, UniMassLowell, Unlimit, Urban JungleValidis, Veem, Vestd, Wagestream, Wahed, WiseAlphaWorldFirstWorldRemit, Wragge Lawrence Graham, Xignite, Yapily, Zopa (consumer credit), Zopa (Brexit/Fintech2.0), Zopa (2022)