2023 New Year Special: Fleeing Plato’s Cave, Escaping the Matrix in Search of Love, Light and Healing

This 2023 New Year Special forms the fifth is a series of five about how technology is changing us directly and indirectly by empowering tyrants. It is by far the most ambitious, empowering and positive of all suggesting that we use the insanity as a spur in our sides to seek to flee Plato’s cave, escape the Matrix and speed up our path to awakening in search of love, light and healing.

Sound like a cool topic, a worthy goal to you?

It has five chapters:

  1. Metapolitical Awakening
  2. Psychological Awakening
  3. The Wasteland and the Grail
  4. Existential Awakening
  5. A Magical New World

There is a huge shift in consciousness going on now. The old world is dying in front of our eyes. However a new world is arising and there are a phenomenal number of green shoots growing for those who will look and find.

Let’s take a journey from understandable disenchantment and toxic metapolitics, through  an examination of the deepest roots and causes of this disenchantment in ourselves, in our civilisation, in our hugely increased use of technology, to a world of re-enchantment.

Don’t choose the old world, fear and control, choose the new world of love, light and healing…

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