Fintechs – In a world of digital and social media overload how do you get your brand and brand message known and valued?

Incumbents – how do you effect internal cultural change and become externally recognised as being in the vanguard of Digital FS?


A recent episode of The Marketing Companion discussed how the Advertising industry is in crisis “as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are eating the world”. Together with ad-blockers and TV being consumed in a non-linear fashion, this has led to Ad agency share prices suffering and companies are finding it harder than ever to get their message out there.

The only exceptions they mention are podcasts and Influencers – the only two bright spots, the only ways of marketing/advertising which are becoming more, not less, effective.

Sponsoring the LFP, which has been continuously sponsored by blue chip Fintechs since 2016, is thus not only a unique opportunity to get your brand message repeatedly in front of thousands of very targeted, highly relevant listeners, but also a way of leveraging developments in advertising and marketing.

On the Podcast; We were pleased to be  associated with the sector’s thought leading podcast. We believe this association helped our credibility as a business and we know it helped us directly in generating revenue.

Additionally, we gained access to Mike and his wealth of knowledge; to bounce ideas off, to help spread the FinTech word and introduce us to others in our space.

Angus Dent, CEO Archover

The cost of co-branding per exposure is far cheaper than other forms of brand promotion – TV, advertising, events/conferences – here today, gone tomorrow, did anyone notice your logo?

Podcast listeners are very engaged with the content, it’s a very intimate experience – cf so many disengaged folks on phones/laptops at conferences or ignoring online banner ads.

Podcasts generate a loyal audience who form a strong connection with the show and host who they come to feel they “know” and trust – the Influencer piece.  As well as the podcast exposure you also get my offline support and can leverage my experience and networks in both #newFS and #incumbents.

“Representation on the LFP has given us significant market relevant exposure and brand building across a financial services audience as well as a great touchpoint with FinTech developments through Mike’s network – LFP sponsorship has been one of the key foundations of our current in-house Brand building programme”

Tony Clark, MD Synechron London

Most fast-growing firms in our world of overload lack the resources to make much of an impact beyond their core clientbase. To grow successfully in #digital FS there are many more stakeholders that you need to influence.

Cobranding with the LFP is a brand-in-a-box marketing program aimed just at this need. It’s not one thing, one event in a series of many many that you have to organise but a single conversation and decision which leads to a year-long program of brand transformation.

“For Smart Pension the main benefits are brand awareness, credibility and offline support which the association with the market-leading and most blue-chip of fintech podcasts provides along with Mike’s network and experience.

Brand awareness is critical for all businesses but none more so than those in the rapidly expanding but crowded fintech marketplace. Standing out from the crowd and having one’s message not only understood but repeated dozens of times in a trusted medium (without having to resort to television) was key. Our association with the podcast not only helps us stand out but due to its un-hyped and heavyweight brand bolsters our credibility with funders, partners, incumbents, regulators, and government.

Finally, Mike is always available to help whenever we need an introduction or need to leverage his experience in FS old or new.”

Will Wynne. Founder Smart Pension

As an incumbent in FS said to me:

“We take LFP sponsors more seriously in Fintech as (a) we know you have filtered them and would only take the best and (b) they are showing themselves to be serious players by helping contribute more widely to the development of the industry”

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