LFP231 – Accelerating Monetary and Banking Change inc Debanking, Gold Repatriation & BRICs Gold Plans w/Mario Innecco

So rapid is the rate of change in banking and the nature of and control of money right now that today we set a record and have a returning guests a mere 6 months later. Mario (YouTube Channel) first joined us in Feb22 for the gargantuan LFP197 “Money in the 21stC: Ballooning Printing of Fiat/QE/”MMT”/Govt Debt, CBDCs, Crypto, Dedollarisation, Hyperinflation, Gold” and more recently in Feb23 for LFP220 “Has A Century Of The Federal Reserve and 50 Years Off The Gold Standard Directly Led To Monetary and Social Disaster for the West?”.

Now we cover the accelerating trends whose tap roots run deep. The first we might call “debanking” – banks debanking themselves by going bust, banks debanking individuals by denying them bank accounts and banks debanking “cash” to ensure  no alternative (&with CBDCs on the horizon to increase their already way too mighty power).

Separately as many entirely foresaw “debanking” of Russia (Nazi Germany was not debanked of its reserves even in WW2) and the US having economically “sanctioned” one-third of the countries on the planet the second fruit is a creation of a non-dollar-centric financial system with Gold Repatriation, BRICs planning a gold-backed medium of exchange for trade.

As money is not just central to the lives of Financiers and Fintechers but everyone on the planet its the most vital topic to track and so we take stock in mid-2023 of where we are and where we are going.

Topics discussed include:

  • the multiple dimensions of dissidence these days against multiple State/Globalists narratives and how to remain cheerful whilst doing so
  • two quotes in re from an obituary of recently-deceased Mila Kundera:

      “Kundera denounced the “vandals” in power, living “purely in their own immediate present tense [who] are quite capable of turning their country into a wasteland with no history, no memory, no echo of beauty”” 

      “I could always recognise a person who was not a Stalinist, a person whom I needn’t fear, by the way he smiled. A sense of humour was a trustworthy sign of recognition.”

  • how Mario copes with “staring into he darkness”
  • “private dissidence” within even large institutions
  • how this relates to approaching a tipping point when change away from tyranny could flip very rapidly when there is a critical mass of people leaving the official narratives
  • does the truth set you free or make you lonely?
  • what is truth – how to find it, is it hard; the ease of finding falsehoods in comparison
  • US debt payments moving towards a trillion dollars per annum
  • group-think in economic policy and the Bank of England’s recent conversion to hyper-wokism
  • comparison with prior decades – the past 15years has been increasingly insane
  • many waves coinciding now – 71 Gold Standard abandonment, postWW2 US hegemony, post GFC money printing (post covid money printing and many more)
  • debanking:
    • at the bank level – bankruptcies, branch closure and “de-cashing”
    • not just Nigel Farage but thousands being denied bank accounts – Financial Exclusion – cf their nicey-nicey narrative of Financial Inclusion
    • the difficulties faced by older people who aren’t tech savvy
    • banks being increasingly intrusive in enquiring what people plan to do with their own money when they withdraw it :-O
    • plans for CBDCs to increase their power
    • debanking Russia
  • John Law in France in the 1720s as a precedent (Mario’s YouTube episode on this)
  • Max Weber being completely correct a century ago (& cf Star Wars 1) when he foresaw that vast bureaucracies enable tyranny – NB in re Financial regulation and the never ending list of extra-parliamentary rules to be followed
  • Deutsche Bank employs more Laywers and Compliance people than bankers :-!
  • pre 1985 for centuries there had been zero regulation and historically the Police not Banks dealt with catching criminals
  • Gold repatriation and precedents – Venezuela and Germany and the difficulty or impossibility of recovering one’s Gold from the Bank of England :-O
  • no limit to rehypothecation of Gold in London – a mechanism to subdue the Gold price and increase price volatility to make traditional money less attractive to people
  • High Court ruling against Venezuela getting all its Gold back (on pretty flimsy grounds) :-O
  • FT/Reuters survey showing that Gold Repatriation is a trend expected to accelerate
  • China’s increase in infrastructure including more physical less paper Gold markets
  • the complete loss of the essence of finance – trust – by countries in the US and UK in particular
  • cf LME Nickel trade cancellation
  • Moscow Gold trading plans
  • non-dollar trading on the increase and expectations of how this will be managed going forward
  • BRICs plans for gold-backed currency/trading – recent information from Russia
  • US states legalising more use of Gold in a currency context as bottom-up initiatives within the West
  • Mario’s expectations for the rest of the year
  • Maneco’s affiliate/sponsor shoutouts:

And much much more 🙂

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