LFP152 – Covid19 Response Will Change Strategic Landscape Forever – Society, Government, Economy & Liberty

It is a cliche to say “the world changed forever” but macroeconomically and microeconomically it has – not because of the C19 virus but because of governmental responses to it. As the landscape for Fintech and indeed all firms has changed for – well decades at this rate in this show I do a one-off 30,000 feet overview of its impact on four key dimensions – societal, governmental, economic and liberty.

These will be the backdrop for the new world which Fintech must cope with – or for many right now try and survive in and only later get back to thriving in. Also we have all read too much at a detailed level so something setting the big picture scene for the next few years will keep future episodes from always coming back to the big picture.

The narrative of the show connects dots that we all know to give a 30,000 feet view. Three more recherche sources are:

Poll on collapse in confidence in UK mainstream media

Robert Kennedy Jr’s article on Gates appalling vaccine damage in the 3rd world

Rockerfeller Foundation 2010 Paper outlining the “lock step” scenario highly similar to what we are seeing now

Live long and prosper – stay healthy and restore your liberty an wealth as soon as you can!