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Whilst there are many self-styled experts out there, many with minimal backgrounds in FS, I am the only individual in London to combine over 30 years in the City in very senior roles with total immersion in this new digital FS world and the better part of one hundred in-depth conversations with its leading players.

I have been an independent in many guises for almost twenty years.

My client list is long and prestigious, straddling Financial Services Incumbents, Fintechs, Government and Private Individuals as well as non-FS firms.

My roles fall into three categories: (i) consultancy/entrepreneurial, (ii) advisory/non-executive, (iii) media – I chair, host, moderate, speak and guest at public and private events as well as writing, contributing to or editing articles and papers. See the Media webpage for some examples.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn

Email me: mike AT londonfintechpodcast DOT com