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LFP155 – Buying & Selling Of Labour In Ever Smaller Pieces: Freelancing & Project-Based Working w/Albert Azis Clauson CEO Underpinned

The trend in recent decades has been to ever-more flexible working contracts – be it gig economy, independent consultants or the freelancing/project-based work that sits in between. Gig-ers have a company app to engage and pay and indies a company around them. Freelancing et al have always been challenging to administer for both the buyer or seller of labour. However Fintech is changing all this and Underpinned is leading the charge.

Naturally in a world where governments continue to destroy businesses when the CDC data shows that the fatality rate of covid19 is nothing out of the ordinary it is highly likely that you or someone you know may have to take up smaller chunks of work than they ever would in the past.

Equally it’s likely that your Company or one you know will have to engage folks on ever-shorter projects.

The key to facilitating a more flexible labour-market is to smooth the whole process.

All these topics and many more are discussed including: Continue reading