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LFP119 – New Year Special! Is FS + Tech Ushering In Orwellian Tyranny Rather Than Freeing The People?

It’s time for the New Year Special and we tackle what is surely the most important topic of our times – “Is FS + Tech Ushering In Orwellian Tyrrany Rather Than Freeing The People?”. The BigTech giants increasingly act as public censors with the modern equivalent of Nazi book burning, Big FS firms and Fintechs such as Mastercard, Paypal, Patreon deplatform, unperson people and collude to block their income in the name of holding people to “reasonable” (ie their) political/moral/ethical standards. In this they are egged on by the dying MSM, by some politicians and by activists organising online to pursue the culture wars so dividing the US in particular but exported elsewhere too.

But wasn’t the internet supposed to liberate people, to connect them directly, in conversation or in Finance via P2P?

What has gone wrong when instead of decentralisation of power and communications tech has led to the greatest concentration of global power ever known to man?

What can be done about it? Can we use tech as a force for good? As a way of empowering the people not billionaires and distant bureaucrats?

O tempora o mores!

Topics covered in this annual solo show include:  Continue reading